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School uniform or non-school uniform?

This has been a long debated question with many pros and cons to each side.

School uniform

A set school uniform has many pros for both children and parents. One of the main positives raised by schools and many parents is that it provides one less spark for bullying as all children appear ‘the same’ and won’t be judged by other children on the clothes they are wearing. It means children from all backgrounds will look and feel equal. A school uniform can also have a slight effect on behaviour. By wearing a uniform it gives the child a distinction between their home life and school life.

School uniform or non-school uniform?

Whilst we showed the one side of the argument for cost above, on the other hand having to spend money on a uniform which children grow out of and will never wear again isn’t ideal for parents. Uniforms also get damaged and dirty, which means parents also need to make sure they have purchased spares so their child always has something to wear to school. Having to make sure the uniform is clean and in good condition for their child to wear each week can be time consuming, and life would be made a lot easier if parents could just pick anything that’s clean from the drawers in the morning.

There’s one last big positive for not having a school uniform – the English weather! Recently the weather has been scorching, topping 28 degrees for a fair few days now and most school uniforms aren’t ideal for these temperatures. There have been many debates on social due to children being forced to wear blazers and ties on the hottest day of the year, which can have a dramatic impact on productivity of the children – so is it worth it? On the other hand you have the English winters – are school uniforms practical in the cold, wet and snowy conditions?


So there you have some of the pros to both sides of the argument. Whether you are for or against school uniform, all schools currently still adopt a school uniform policy; so if you and your child are finding comfortable, well fitting school uniform difficult to find, contact us at Sturdy Kids and The Schoolwear Company. We understand the frustrations for parents when all school uniform is a standard size, so we sell plus fit and tall clothing, as well as provide an alteration service.