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The Power of the Uniform

A work uniform is an important part of many businesses. It has many positives for the business and the type of uniform should be carefully considered, ensuring it’s practical, comfortable and portrays the right image for your business.

The Power of the Uniform

Firstly the uniform is a great marketing tool – some customer facing companies such as pubs and restaurants will use the staff uniform to promote their latest offer, new menu and more, by having it printed on the back of the t-shirt or sweatshirt for example. The uniform is also a great marketing tool outside of the business walls as many employees wear their uniform before and after work, whilst popping to the supermarket or picking the kids up – great free advertising for your business!

A uniform also creates a consistent level of dress code amongst staff, so they all look smart for your customers. If something gets spilt on the uniform there is usually a spare lying around, so staff smartness isn’t compromised! It also brings staff together as a team, by all wearing the same uniform.

A work uniform also helps with customer service – personally, I find it highly embarrassing wondering around a shop or a pub looking for someone that works there and then asking a question to another customer who then has to tell you they don't work there! It's happened to me many times and I’m sure it’s happened to you! I have actually got to the point I won't risk asking my question unless I am 100% the person is a staff member, and so potentially some places I go to are losing out on business. Therefore by having a staff uniform it makes it easy for customers to pick out staff members, making them feel more at ease and allowing them to ask the questions to the right people.

So make sure your staff are ready to great your customers and promoting your business every day. At Universal Uniform we offer a variety of work wear uniforms in many colours and sizes. All garments can be personalised with your logo, name etc and we have no minimum order! Our new website is currently in progress but if you have any questions or would like to place an order please call us on 01242 580062 or email info@universaluniform.co.uk.